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Transom Repair

Our highly skilled technicians at Winter Harbor Marina can provide boat transom replacement or repair services on all types, sizes, and styles of boats or yachts. Over time, the transom can rot due to water seeping in. When water meets air and heat, you have a recipe for decay. It’s a slow process that culminates into the transom flexing and sagging from all the wood that has been destroyed. Our highly-skilled crew of technicians can help you identify whether you need to repair the transom.

When should you fix or replace your transom?

  • When you can see that your transom has stress cracks.
  • You notice a loss in speed or your boat performance has changed.
  • Your boat is taking on water and you are not sure where.

If you need transom repairs, contact us at 315-676-WARM. We will be happy to help schedule service for you.

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