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Winter Harbor Marina, located in Brewerton, NY. on Oneida River, is a Seakeeper Dealer. Seakeepers help combat fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness associated with boat roll. A Seakeeper unit is a computer-controlled gyroscope that weighs between 2%-4% of boat weight and fits in the back half of the boat. We can help you identify the right size unit for your vessel. Installation typically ranges from 1-3 weeks for larger boats. For smaller boats a refit can be completed in as little as two days.

Seekeeper at Winter Harbor Marina in Brewerton, NY
Marina at Winter Harbor Marina in Brewerton, NY
Seekeeper in Brewerton, NY

What To Learn More?

If you want to make your experience out on the water more enjoyable for you and your guests, installing a Seakeeper is a great step! Head over to the Seakeeper website to learn more about their products!

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Winter Harbor Marina

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